The Birth of Love Twice

The slipstream… a mysterious creative force I imagine creating itself from energies of orbiting earth. Somehow we get an inkling of something… “out of the blue” we say. That kind of sudden light bulb is at the root of all kinds of discovery, and it seems impersonal, as if we ...

WHAT MAD PURSUIT? A Film by Denny Dey

Denny Dey is a filmmaker, actor, writer, teacher and Midwestern original. I met him first in 2006 on the set of OPENING, a film I produced with Fred Andrews and the Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee. I saw his talent right away, and had the privilege to direct ...

Wild Surmise

Hello Everybody, My book is out, self- published with Authorhouse, and can be purchased on in paperback and on Kindle. The book is also available at and I encourage you to read it and let me know your thoughts. Below is the Authorhouse’s synopsis which ...

Faithful Fools

As you may know the Faithful Fools housed the Tenderloin yGroup for several years as we created the 9 @ Night Film Cycle.  They work in the Tenderloin with a unique perspective.  They're there to do what needs to be done.  They don't preach anything other than high human empathy ...
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The 15,000

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I've always liked the slogan, "Opinion rules the world." The 15,000 is a chronicle of opinions I'd like to have more heft in the neighborhood. I've lived long enough to realize that silence has great value. I think it's the great growing space pregnant in the seed before it blooms. And then you talk.

Every month I'll be writing on a topic related to our films: production, distribution, exhibition. Or I'll follow inspiration, desperation and other burrs under the saddle to talk about cinema, art, society ... the gamut.

I'm hoping to hear your views. I only know my own and so I'm at a disadvantage. You are 15,000 and I am one. The only way we can make progress is if you are as candid as I try to be. If you make an honest effort to cut through the mist and tell the truths... read more

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